Healthy Weight and Reducing Obesity in Croydon 

A quick update from our voluntary sector representatives on the recent workshop focused on Healthy Weight and Reducing Obesity at the Croydon Park Hotel, which covered: 

  • Built Environment 

  • Early Years, Schools & Families 

  • Fast Food and Retailers 

  • Healthcare and Weight Management support 

  • Knowledge and Education 

  • Physical Activity and Transport 

  • Workplace and Workforce 

The session focused on increasing the uptake of existing initiatives and filling the gaps whilst being solution orientated. Within the ‘Physical Activity & Transport’ workshop, the most emerging theme was the promotion of initiatives/activities: who manages/collates the information and how is promotion communicated, etc. Initiatives available in the borough mentioned included "Cycle for Health" (referral by GP), "Bike-ability" and the Run friendly app (maps facilities in the local area that offer showers, lockers, drying rooms for those that want to run or cycle for active travel). 'London Sport' explained their investment in Croydon, focusing on social prescribing, women & girls and safe spaces. At the heart of all of the activities were the ‘whole family’ approach. Within the "Fast Food and Retailers" group, there was a table discussion that looked at the causes for obesity includign the number of fast food outlets and their proximity to young people and discussed providing alternative options. Healthy Weight and Obesity Workshop December 2019 

(From Croydon's Healthy Weight and Reducing Obesity workshop, 4th December 2019, Beth Towle from Palace for Life and Leeman Francis, FSE Group) 


Update on Maternity Services in Croydon

Croydon University Hospital is moving to using texts to get patient feedback; although not suitable for all of the 'Maternity Units' contact points (ante-natal, labour, post-natal and community), the plan is to proceed with texts for two of these contact points. South West London has the second highest performance in London, with a 29% rise in women booked on the Continuity of Care (Maternity transformation plan to provide the same team of midwives from ante-natal to postnatal). Births during 2018/19 in Croydon University Hospital, Maternity Unit, were down by 10% on the previous year. This fall is partly due to the fall in birth rate, and 400 opting for ‘out of borough’ births. Currently funding and staffing have not been affected, but this could have impact in the future.

(From MVP meeting in June 2019 at CUH, attended by Pat Knight)

CSAB Website is now live.
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