Registration for Crisis at Christmas 2015 is now open!

Are you one of the over 10,000 volunteers who will help more than 4,000 homeless guests this Christmas? Crisis at Christmas need people with specialist skills (like dentists, hairdressers, lorry drivers and performers) as well as an army of general volunteers ready to muck in.

To find the role that suits you, click here. If you identify with any of the skills, click on 'Show me my roles'.

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(please note they currently have a limited number of places left in their day centres but have a great need for volunteers at night particularly in shelters.)

Bacon’s College Traditional Christmas Lunch

Location: Timber Pond Road, Southwark SE16 6AT
Phone: 0203 3552619
Name: Les Alden or Patrick Thomson
Description: Cost: Free, Event: Traditional Christmas lunch, Guest booking required, Guests: All ages but no special consideration of the needs of older people, Location: Community hall, Time: Lunch, Transport: Free for guests, Volunteers needed.