From  August 2013, our team of experienced advisors along with our partner organisations have given almost 3500 hours of free, tailored support to the people of Croydon.&nbsp

  • We helped 15 existing businesses employ 29 people, and we have helped 61 entrepreneurs create 58 new businesses. Altogether that’s 90 new jobs!
  • To help our pre-start clients to incorporate their businesses, it took an average of 5.85 hours of support.
  • We went on to give these clients 395 hours of further support once they had started up, that’s 6.7 hours of additional support each, on average.

Below is a detailed look at how our time was spent supporting Croydon’s businesses.

 Support Hours Graph


Breakdown of support provided

Support by Gender


52% Female 48% Male


Support by Age





 Support by Ethnicity




Support by Disability


49 disabled clients


Support by Ward

Below is a map of Croydon showing where are clients came to us from. Almost half of our clients came to us from our target wards - overall we supported 438 Croydon residents.


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