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Volunteer Centre Croydon aims to promote more and better volunteering in Croydon.

We have continually evolved ever since our creation in 1968, working hard as a small team of staff with over 500 volunteers across a range of different projects.

We want to make becoming a volunteer as easy as possible for everyone, no matter who they are, what their background is, or where they come from.

Thousands of people volunteer in Croydon every year and we want to increase this number, ensuring they have the best possible experience.

A department of Croydon Voluntary Action, we also help non-profit organisations to provide the necessary support for their volunteers. Our training opportunities, blog and 1-2-1 sessions are designed to answer any volunteer managers' questions.

If you are a local charity or community organisation that needs support to attract, retain and manage volunteers visit our Volunteer Involving Organisations pages.



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