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A person's hearing should not prevent any person from living their life that they choose.Action on Hearing Loss is all about making a real difference to people who confront deafness, hearing loss and tinnitus.

Passionate about making life better

Action on hearing loss helps people who are challenged with hearing impairment, deafness and tinnitus by providing high-quality support and care. They also fund research to find a permanent solution to curing deafness as well as encourage new technology and medical treatments to help people face day to day life with comfort and ease.

Action on hearing loss has three core values – People Passion and Partnership

The organisation involves volunteers in all aspects of its work including but not limited to campaigning, fundraising, offering information, support and advice, 

Action on hearing loss

helping run hearing aid clinics smoothly, as well as a range of administrative roles and support roles.

Partnering with Volunteer Centre Croydon, they have been successful in resourcing volunteers. We promote their work through window displays as well as advertise their available opportunities in our database and the newsletter. With over 92% volunteers with Action on hearing loss recommending it as a good place to volunteer for, the organisation has proved it is committed to give a positive working culture for all the volunteers and encourage flexibility in the workplace.

Let’s hear from Action on hearing loss:

We asked Sara Peskett about volunteers in her organization:

We simply couldn't do what we do without our volunteers. They are integral to our teams and our work [...] As an organisation we are incredibly grateful to our volunteers for their continued time, commitment and support, and extremely proud of the work they do every day. We need them to carry out our daily activities and we could not do what we do without them. We truly value them and actively involve them in planning."

How does Action on hearing loss feel about Volunteer Centre Croydon?

Here’s what Sara says about the relationship with Volunteer Centre Croydon:
Volunteer Centre Croydon have been fantastic in supporting us to promote Action on Hearing Loss as a great place to volunteer, by advertising our roles on the online database and in their newsletter, enabling us to promote our work in their shop window and adding information about our organisation to their website.”

She added, “We feel supported by the Volunteer Centre Croydon and they assist us in the promotion and recruitment of our Volunteering Roles. Staff and volunteers are supportive and are there to talk to if we have a problem regarding volunteering.”

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