Sold out! Free Session: Markeble Impact Assessment

Wednesday 17 May 2017
10:30 to 12:30

It can be difficult to track your impact.

Markeble have worked in charities, social enterprises, foundations and government departments ourselves and have created the Makerble tool which is designed for people of all computer skills and impact skills to communicate the difference they make in the world.

Charities are using Makerble for every stage of their impact tracking journey, from discovering how to evidence the impact of their projects for funders, through to using our colourful mobile app and website to log the progress being made on every beneficiary and project. Makerble is versatile so you can use it for all your projects, no matter who is funding you. Now you can have all your beneficiaries, stories and statistics together in one place so you can quickly share your impact with funders, members, trustees and social media followers.

From start to finish,  they can help you communicate and grow the difference you make in the world so you can spend less time on admin or more time working towards the cause you care about.

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