Croydon Voluntary Action is the supporting agency for many (but not all) networks involved in influencing decision-making in Croydon.

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With strategic partnerships, a group of people from different agencies and differing experiences come together with the aim of providing the best services and support possible. Some partnerships are firmly established and have good structures for working together, others have looser relationships. 

Each of Croydon Congress’ themed partnerships have partnership groups, which in turn have sub-groups and working groups. From this, a detailed picture with a complicated set of relationships between partnerships and networks is created. Voluntary and community networks feed into these groups at all levels.

Croydon Council's Local Strategic Partnership’s Infrastructure has four themed partnerships.

  1. Health and Well Being Board
  2. Children and Families Partnership
  3. Croydon Growth Board
  4. Safer Croydon Partnership


We also support representatives on the following independent partnerships:

  1. Croydon Safeguarding Children Board
  2. Stronger Communities Partnership

Information from each is fed back twice a year into Croydon Congress meetings.