How CVA supports representatives


Through strategic partnerships, a group of people from different agencies and differing experiences come together with the aim of providing the best services and support possible. Some partnerships are firmly established and have good structures for working together, others have looser relationships. 

CVA wants to make sure the voluntary sector's voice is represented at any of the local statutory sector led partnerships and has been electing VS representatives for a number of years. These are volunteers/trustees/employees of Croydon community groups who are passionate about their delivery and want to raise the voice of users and colleagues at such important meetings. Elections happen every two years.

We presently support representatives on the following partnerships:

  1. Croydon Safeguarding Children Partnership
  2. Health and Well Being Board
  3. Safer Croydon Partnership

Each of the themed partnerships have sub-groups and working groups. Voluntary and community networks feed into these groups at all levels.