Digital Leadership 101 - Making Strategic Decisions in Small Charities

Friday 15 March 2019
12:00 to 14:30


This session will help you to assess areas for improvement in digital as a small charity leader and consider how the Charity Digital Code of Practice can aid you in your decision making. Working with Croydon Voluntary Action, Superhighways aims to support Trustees, CEOs and Senior Managers of Croydon charities and community groups feel better able to make the most of the opportunities digital can offer


What does digital mean for you?
Is it the nuts and bolts of having a website, sending an email or taking a donation online?

What about IT security? GDPR and keeping people safe? Choosing IT systems? Is it key to how you deliver your social impact?

Digital is no longer an add-on or optional to the way charities and community organisations are run. Digital technology is deeply embedded in how local people live their lives every day and how we as small organisations operate services that meet their needs.

Board members and CEOs face some tough decisions. Resources are tight and it’s hard to know what to prioritise. It’s also hard to make sound strategic choices when digital isn’t your day job.

However, digital offers a big opportunity to increase the impact of your work, be more collaborative and secure funding. In fact, The Lloyds Business Digital Index reveals that highly digitally capable charities are twice as likely to save time, and ten times as likely to save money.

In this interactive, thought provoking workshop we’ll use the principles of the recently launched UK Charity Digital Code of Practice to explore how small charity leaders can develop their organisation’s digital capability. You’ll discover some new ways of working and ideas and resources to take back to your board or your teams.

Lunch will be provided.

Who’s it for?

This interactive session is for trustees, CEOs and senior management only.

You do not need to be a digital trustee, have specific knowledge about digital or be taking a lead on digital / IT / technology to take part. This is for all leaders who are concerned about the management and sustainability of their organisations.

Next steps

This is a taster session for a new Digital Leadership training programme, pack of resources and video series that are currently being developed by Superhighways. There will also be an opportunity to express your interest in trustee board training.

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