Title L2 Safeguarding Children - Working with Children subject to Child Protection Plans

Working with children who are ‘at risk of significant harm’ and have allocated social workers can be complex and demanding. This course looks closely at caring for children who are subject to child protection procedures and focuses on the essential skills required to successfully collaborate and engage with children and their families in an attempt to encourage partnership working and multi-agency decision making. The programme includes an examination of the child protection case conference process (using the strengthening families’ model) and equips delegates with the skills required to actively participate in discussions and planning for children. Learners have an opportunity to explore what makes a good child protection conference report and best practice strategies to be used when working with children who are the subject of Child Protection plans, their families and other agencies that form the team around the child. This course is essential for professionals who have limited experience of attending and contributing to multi agency meetings.

Learning objectives:

  • Have an appreciation of the skills, roles and tasks of other professionals involved in working with children and their families
  • Developed their knowledge, skills and the ability to work together on the processes for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, including those suffering or at risk of suffering significant harm
  • Receive an opportunity to meet with colleagues from different agencies to learn together and explore professional dilemmas
  • Understand the principles of the “Strengthening Families” model to CP conferences
  • Understand the process and practice of the model and the format for the new style conference

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Date and Time 05/03/20 from 09:30 to 14:30
Location CVA Resource Centre, 82 London Road
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Cost £45-£55

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