Safeguarding Children for designated leads and deputies

Tuesday 15 June 2021
09:30 to 14:30

Being a designated safeguarding lead is an ever-evolving role that requires you to undertake formal training every 2 years. 

Strong, effective leadership in children centred services is the key driver in improving the quality of safeguarding practices. 

In this workshop, learners will be encouraged to:

- explore the role of the designated safeguarding lead 

- explore their own management and leadership style and analyse the part they play in creating a safeguarding culture that prioritises children’s wellbeing

- create safer safeguarding systems

- understand the legislative framework and regulatory compliance

Safe recruitment and selection processes are essential if settings, organisations and institutions are to attract the best staff and deter and reject those who may pose a risk to children or who are unsuitable to work with them. This course promotes safer recruitment practices and challenges poor and unsafe processes. Participants will have opportunities to examine how to continually assess the ‘suitability’ of their workforce,  and learn how to implement safeguarding audits to evidence performance and identify gaps. 

Learning objectives 

  • Increase awareness of safeguarding risks
  • Develop and maintain a culture that prevents abuse and challenges inappropriate behaviour 
  • Identify the key features of staff recruitment that help deter or prevent the appointment of unsuitable people
  •  Begin to review their own and their organisations’ policies and practices in recruitment with a view to making them safer
  • Build safeguarding confidence and competance.

All safeguarding children training courses are interactive and use a variety of training methods eg case studies, group discussions and exercises to enhance the participants learning experience. 

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Online via Zoom - a link will be sent to participants the day before the training
Cost £45 - £55