Peace Education - Life Choices

Tuesday 01 June 2021
12:30 to 13:00

An exploration of personal strengths, clarity, dignity and more

 Your invitation to join the first session in the Peace Education - Life Choices- a series of virtual events which aims to highlight and provide you and your organisation with an overview of the The Prem Rawat Foundation’s Peace Education Programme and its core components, which consists of a strength based curriculum which is based upon the following themes:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Understanding
  • Dignity
  • Choice
  • Contentment and more

This is an innovative course that can support your existing capacities, benefit your client group and is now being used in many different settings across the UK and worldwide. 


We’re delighted that Dr Mitesh Desai, Principal Consultant Physician and Managing Director at MD3 Consulting Limited, will be joining us as guest speaker, sharing his perspective and insights. He will also be highlighting the impact and benefits of the Peace Education Programme. 

This 30 minute event will also include a presentation, Q and A, opportunity to network and next steps.  

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