Money Counts training for Croydon (One Croydon Training Programme)

Tuesday 27 June 2023
11:00 to 12:00

Do you work, or volunteer with people who are struggling to afford food? The aim of the training is to better connect people to advice to maximise their income and claim all of their entitlements. With current food price inflation and cost of living challenges, there has never been a better time to learn about the advice and support available locally.

This one-hour online training session is designed for frontline staff and volunteers in Croydon who may have brief conversations with people about their money worries or financial struggles as part of their work.

After the one-hour session you will:

  • be fully aware of the local financial advice and cash-first support options currently available in Croydon
  • feel confident about using the Croydon 'Worrying about money?' leaflet to ask people about wider money worries and guide them to appropriate support
  • understand more about the importance of a 'cash-first' approach to growing food insecurity and poverty

This session will be delivered by IFAN as part of our One Croydon Training Programme, which is aimed at our frontline workforce (statutory, health, and voluntary sector), colleagues working in foodbanks, social prescribers, helpline staff, befrienders, and social workers. Training will b led by Abby Preston and Emma Österberg, IFAN, and will include input from Croydon Citizens Advice.

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If you have any questions about these sessions or if you face any difficulties signing up to attend, please contact Emma Österberg

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