Governance training for Charity Trustees and Charity Board members

Friday 24 May 2024

Governance training for Charity Trustees and Charity Board members. 

A half day session with Mikala Ayres HR and Training Consultant. 

Welcome, introductions, purpose of the day, roles and responsibilities, parking place, ice breaker. 

Governance -the session will be interactive with games, exercises and quizzes to enhance the learning experience.

Below is a summary of topics we will cover as part of the morning session.
10.00 -13.00 Governance overview;
Break at 11.30
Content and key learning objectives;
➢ Understanding the sector
➢ Charity Commission
➢ Legal Definition, legal forms
➢ Governing document
➢ Charity Purpose
➢ Public Benefit
➢ Charity Law
➢ Charity Status
➢ Charity Governance Code

Role of Trustee;
o 6 core duties
o Decision making
o Challenges
o Manage resources
o Staying financially sustainable
o Personal Liability
Questions/ action planning -open to the floor

12.45 Recap, evaluation, final reflections and close

13.00 Networking opportunity
Date; Provisional date Friday 24 May 2024

Cost: £95 (not VAT) per person, full payment in advance to secure a place

Enquiries; email text or call 07841044418

Start up Croydon, Wetherall House.
Cost Costs apply