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H&WB Sub Group - Emotional Health and Wellbeing Strategy Group
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Angela Ben-Arie, Croydon Drop-In
"I have been part of a subgroup in the past and found it very useful group. I believe that it is valuable to bring a third sector perspective to the meetings as well as from my own agency and experience."
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Leeman Francis, FSE Group
""I have 10 years' experience working with young people, and have a business and law education background. I have a community group that works to develop enterprise among young people and greater awareness of health and wellbeing."
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Shirley Sorhaindo, BME Forum, NEWS Health Mobile
"I have been a health professional for over 30 years; qualified as an RN, midwidery-trained and in special care and baby intensive care. For many years I have been involved in public health, and my interests are in mental health and integrated preventative holistic healthcare. I have volunteered in several projects and have been involved in Healthy Communities collaborative projects."
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Karen Stott, Off the Record
"I have worked in children and young people's mental health services in Croydon for almost 30 years so I have a strong background and understanding of the issues relevant to these Boards. I am also experienced at representing the VCS on these boards and have a strong commitment to ensuring our voices and perspectives (and those of the children, young people and families with whom we work) are kept to the forefront in strategic discussions and decisions."
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Yuliana Topazly, My Outspace
"I am very passionate about supporting Croydon families and ensuring financial sustainability for each family. I have been involved in supporting and delivering employability training and mentoring, as well as well-being services for families in Croydon and would like to be able to represent community to voice concerns, share experiences and best practices and influence commissioning processes within this area." 
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