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Sue Dzendzera
Sue Dzendzera, Gingerbread Corner/CVA:
"I have been working in the voluntary sector in Croydon for over 30 years. I am the CEO of Gingerbread Corner, providing care for children aged 3 months to 11, and providing support to their families. I am currently a CVA Trustee, and my experience includes eight years as a Non-Executive Director on the (then) Mayday Trust Board, chair of the Domestic Violence Joint Planning Team - and membership of various VS committees and multi-agency panels. More recently, I chaired the Selhurst Community First group, which agreed grants of £101k to local groups, and have been leading on the Selhurst ABCD project for the past three years. One of my aims is to progress the ABCD ethic throughout Croydon - particularly important with the recent focus being on commissioning services from larger organisations. I have a Masters in Change Management, and PGDips in Business Research and in Human Givens' Therapy. I believe I could be of use to the Partnership."
Joseph Jeffers
Joseph Jeffers, Advice Support Knowledge Information Ltd:
"I have twenty five years experience of Voluntary Sector management, eight years specific to the Borough of Croydon. I have significant experience of working with Faith groups in the Borough and over the last seven years I have raised over £300K for voluntary sector work in the Borough of Croydon. I have significant experience of management and policy development. I have a commitment for the creation of stronger communities and the creation of more active citizens willing and able to participate in wider community life. I am confident, have excellent communication and presentation skills and willing to work as part of a team."
Paul Mundy-Castle
Paul Mundy-Castle, Croydon Cougars Basketball Club:
"I am currently a vice principal at Evelyn Grace academy in Lambeth. I live in Croydon and help to run the Croydon cougars basketball club. As a lead professional in my field I would like to give some of my time to the borough that I reside and pay taxes in. I have a special interest in education and physical and emotional wellbeing so supporting the local authorities work in these fields would be fantastic."
Caroline Mack
Caroline Mack, Citizens Advice Croydon:
"I am interested in becoming a representative as I think that as the CEO of Citizens Advice Croydon I have insight into the current problems people face and the support they need to resolve them. We aim to empower people to help themselves if possible and provide support if not. The service has mainly a volunteer workforce who are made up from the local population and are able help local people with their problems. Citizens Advice has a wealth of anonymised Croydon data that can be shared with the board to inform decisions.

I have been chair of a primary school in East Sussex for four years, CEO of Wealden Citizens Advice for 8 years, lived and worked in Hong Kong for 12 years and feel I have the strategic skills to be a valuable member of the board and able to represent the diverse community that comprises Croydon."
Femi Yusoof
Femi Yusoof, University of Roehampton:
"I believe representing the VCS on the Stronger Communities Partnership Board is a great opportunity to get involved at strategic level having spent the last five years or more in operations and grassroots. Over the years, I have worked with local people to promote community participation, and develop an environment that we can all be proud.

Most of my work to-date has been around Croydon North. I have participated and organised activities and events in which hundreds of local people attended such as the parade of nations, now a yearly event in the Croydon calendar, and the Queen's jubilee celebrations.

 I am passionate about communities and keen to see much stronger relations among groups and communities across the borough. Currently, I am a school governor and recently took on further responsibilities as director for a multi academy trust in Thornton Heath. In my line of work that encompasses careers and employment advice to students, graduates and professionals, I have had gained significant experience working with people from all walks of life, across London and the South East, and currently, work as a recruitment manager at Roehampton University in Wandsworth. 

Overall, I will bring further experience of working within communities in Croydon and much further, awareness of key issues, challenges and opportunities. I also have partnership skills such as communication and presentation, having worked in similar capacity within the voluntary and community sector across Surrey and Sussex from 2009 to 2015."
Fatima Koroma
Fatima Koroma, Community Food Bank:
"I am interested in and committed to being part of developing a stronger link to all the communities in Croydon. I wish to be part of a community I can be proud of and provides equal opportunities for myself, my friends and my family regardless of sex, sexuality, gender orientation, age or ethnicity. I wish to being part of ensuring there is no room for institutionalised racism, unequal practices and ensure that all parts of the community benefit from our environment. My work with the food bank has given me many links within the VCS sector and therefore I understand the needs of many in our community especially the vulnerable. I have also participated in various boards including the JSNA, Sexual Health and Teenage Pregnancy Subgroup and others whilst volunteering for HealthWatch Pathfinder. I currently also sit on the Croydon Food Network and I am also a member of Soroptomist."
Roianne Nedd
Roianne Nedd, ROI Jelly ltd and The Crazy Collective:
"Having lived by Croydon on and off for the past 30 years I am passionate about changing the borough for the better. This is especially important to me as I'm a mother and feel we have to leave a better borough for the next and successive generations.

I'm an experienced equality, diversity and inclusion specialist and I'm a qualified accountant with a Post Grad qualification in leadership. This range of skills gives me the academic background necessary to make strategic decisions and my work experience in equality, diversity and inclusion means that I have a clear people focus ensuring more effective and fair decision-making.

Finally, I specialised in audit through my chartered accountancy qualifications, which in addition to my natural inquisitive nature makes me a positive force for change. As a board member I will be unafraid of asking difficult questions, providing constructive criticism and campaigning for all."
Mrs Elsie Sutherland, OPEN:
"As the chair of OPEN, an independent network of local older people, and an active volunteer with Health Watch Croydon, I believe I can bring to the Stronger Communities Partnership my experience and the voice of patients and older residents"
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