Title The Future of the Troubled Families Programme:

This programme supports families with multiple disadvantages

As the Troubled Families programme enters its final year, this timely symposium will provide practitioners across local authorities, the police, social services, education, welfare and the housing sector with a timely and invaluable opportunity to learn from the first stage of this scheme and discuss how to effectively galvanise a range of local services around families in order to support them.

Delegates will:

  • Assess the progress made on the second phase of the Troubled Families Programme
  • Review findings from the “Earned Autonomy” model from the piloted areas
  • Determine how to sustain the support after the completion of the programme
  • Examine ways to enhance multi-agency working to transform the health, social and financial circumstances of those families
  • Share best practice and discuss innovative strategies to improve the lives of families with complex disadvantages
  • Consider ways to support families in navigating services and find practical pathways to employment
  • Explore how to deliver an effective whole family intervention approach
  • Identify ways to improve educational attainment and child welfare

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Date and Time 12/02/19 from 10:15 to 16:30
Location Central London - contact for details
Cost From £140

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