Title Unfinished Things Festival

A creative festial for anything that is unfinished, half finished, or barely started.

It could be an idea for a story, a doodle on a page, a film that hasn’t quite reached the final edit, a song that you haven’t worked out the chords for, a speech that was never read, a pile of unknitted knitting, an invention that isn't fully invented, a chunk of poem, or a half finished spice rack!

Anything that isn’t finished but you are in some way proud of This event is designed to be fun, friendly and supportive. We encourage creative conversations, questions, idea swaps and networking. We strive to build a community of unfinished creatives, and who knows...something may even get finished!

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Date 29/08/19
Location LOFT, 4th floor, Croydon Arts Store, Croydon's Whitgift Centre, 46-47 and 1046-1047 Trinity Court
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Cost Free

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