Title Equality Exhibition Croydon

Starts today and is on offer until 5 October.

You can visit:

Monday - Thursdays, 2.00pm - 7.00pm and on 
Saturdays from 2.00m - 6.00pm

An ever-evolving exhibition which aims to challenge your beliefs, understanding and knowledge of equality.

With new interactive features, you can enjoy tasks designed to highlight barriers that some encounter daily.
Can you lip read from a TV with no sound?
Or navigate your way around an unfamiliar space with no sight?

A selection of the exhibitions include content by photographer Mala Vadgama and poetry by Alexander Paul. To find out which exhibitions will feature their work, please call the team on 01908 667750.

The Equality Exhibition is completely free to enter and is open to individuals and large groups, making an ideal educational class trip. If you plan on attending as a group, it is advised that you notify the team on the number above to avoid congestion during your visit.

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Date and Time 23/09/19 from 14:00 to 19:00
Contact Equality Council UK
Location Norwich Union House, 96 George Street
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Cost Free

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