Title Croydon Good Food Retail Workshop

'Local retailers have a crucial role to play in increasing access to healthy food’ London Mayor 2018.

Can you help devise a Good Food Retail Plan for Croydon?

A good food retail environment is characterised by businesses (for and not for profit) who are doing at least some of the following:

  • Selling sustainably produced meat, dairy and fish
  • Selling sustainably produced wholegrain foods and real bread
  • Less likely to serve highly processed fatty, salty and sugary foods and sugary drinks 
  • Providing safe and nutritious food for diverse needs
  • Treating employees and suppliers fairly
  • Developing collaborative relationships with suppliers
  • Reducing environmental impact

 The purpose of this workshop is to share local and national current good practice and provide a forum for local retailers to guide the development of Croydon’s Good Food Retail Plan.

Your voice matters and can create a positive impact for healthy sustainable living.

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Date and Time 14/01/20 from 09:00 to 12:00
Location Box Park, 99 George Street
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Cost Free

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