Title Free Webinar: Learn Impact

Navigate uncertainty using proven innovative techniques.  

In this time of upheaval and disruption, many nonprofits are turning to the best practices for innovation, as they were designed for just that - working under conditions of extreme uncertainty. Given we still have no idea all the ways the pandemic and ensuing effects will reshape our world, building a nimble organization is going to be more important than having the “perfect” solution.

The most successful nonprofits will be able to pivot quickly and step into emerging opportunities for transformation in ways that are responsive to both evolving societal needs and take advantage of opportunities such as the upsides of virtual interactions. To do so, they will need to deeply engage both clients and stakeholders to understand their new realities, be willing to let go of long-held approaches that are no longer appropriate, and run experiments targeted at accelerating learning about the most critical risks/opportunities when stepping into the unknown.

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Date and Time 01/10/20 from 14:00 to 15:00
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