Title Grow Wild Sessions for £5

Funded from Bens Educational Trust enables Go Wild With Us to offer this session for just £5 to children aged 7-11.  This is an exciting opportunity for children to get involved in growing, harvesting and cooking food at the wonderful 'Good Food Matters' site in New Addington.  The morning will be spent in the allotments harvesting and cooking lunch with the produce, and in the afternoons they'll be adventuring in the woods nearby.

Children will be in a group of up to 15 and there will be 3 adults present.  

​No parents are needed, so its an opportunity for you to have some much needed 'You Time'.​

Booking in advance is essential as a signed and completed consent form for every person taking part is needed as they will have duty of care.  Parents/carers will need to read the 'Stay Wild, Stay Safe' document online which lays out how they plan to work whilst government restrictions are in place, and you will need to sign the consent form to say you and your child agree to comply with this plan.

Each participant will need to be completely independent in personal care, able to be left for the day without upset, able to follow and act on instructions, not likely to suddenly run off, happy and resilient around older children and able to understand and act on the concept of physical distancing.

To book email gowildcroydonoffice@gmail.com

Date 25/10/21
Location Good Food Matters Community Food Learning Centre, Mickleham Way
New Addington, Croydon
Cost £5

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