South Croydon Station Project: Can you Help?

CVA has had an enquiry from a CVS in East Sussex who are looking to work in partnership with local Croydon groups to improve the above station which could do with some improvement.

The local Southern Manager has agreed to this and said that the station is a suicide hotspot.

Community activist, Sharon Gray, is interested in bringing a bit of cheer - she has had experience working with lots of community groups to improve the experience of using rail transport. For example a group for people with Autism looked at the signage/overall layout of a local station to make it a welcoming place for everyone. They worked together to refurbish the station and the young people involved gave great feedback about the skills they had learned /been able to use to benefit the community. She enlisted the help of East Sussex Association for the Blind and partially sighted people to help them check how easy or not it was for partially sighted passengers to use rail travel. The group enjoyed a trip to London as part of the project.   

Sharon is working with 3VA, based in East Surrex, who are keen to get in touch with local Croydon groups, such as the Samaritans and other mental health groups, to have a conversation and take this project forward.  Perhaps if the station had a bit more life and colour to it, a touch of human presence then if someone was feeling suicidal their attention may be, just for a moment, be drawn away from their darker thoughts.  

If you are interested in getting involved please email