Government Announces Review into Marriage Ceremonies

The Law Commission Review will aim to removed red tape thus increasing choice and lower cost of venues.

Subject to the findings from the independent Law Commission the changes would ensure couples can marry in a way that is individually meaningful for them, while continuing to preserve the dignity of marriage ceremonies.

Separately, the Government will accelerate plans to allow civil weddings and civil partnerships to be held outside and will look to implement these through secondary legislation, subject to any necessary consultation.

Any new venues would have to meet the existing test of solemnity and dignity.

Under current law couples are limited in their choice of wedding location. Civil ceremonies must take place at register offices or in approved premises that have been licensed for the purpose by local authorities.The Law Commission will now work with a wide variety of groups, including faith leaders and those with experience of conducting marriages, to examine how best to reduce red tape and ensure we have a simpler, fairer system that provides more choice, genuine alternatives to the cost of an approved venue or being restricted to a register office.