Another Night of Sisterhood & the CJ Alliance

About ANOS

ANOS began in April 2016, as a direct response to the perceived lack of grassroots engagement within the BME Community in Croydon. With the increase in Youth Violence & Knife Crime across London, they decided to create a safe space that would allow the voices of both parents, young people and practitioners to share their experiences, with a focus on peer learning.

Donna Murray Turner, Director of ANOS and Chair of Safer Neighbourhoods Board, will be speaking at the Communities against Hate Crime event on 13 March 2019 taking place at Croydom Vision on Croydon's Responses to Hate Crime 2018.  Find out more 

CJA's Stop and Scrutinise

ANOS recently contributed to the Criminal Justice Alliance's (CJA) Stop and Scrutinise Stragegy on how to improve community scrutiny of stop and search. Download it here.

"Another Night of Sisterhood (ANOS) is a grassroots community organisation in Croydon. ANOS works with the police and local CSP to deliver unconscious bias training and organise community meetings with adults and young people on the issue of stop and search. They encourage open and honest dialogue with the police about the historical and current relaitonship between police and BAME communities and how to rebuild trust" (p.9)

About  the CJA

The Criminal Justice Alliance (CJA), is a uniquely authoritative coalition of 140 organisations working together to create a fairer and more effective criminal justice system, and promoting ways of diverting people from crime, crime reduction, better policing, fairer justice, reduced reliance on imprisonment and better rehabilitation.