Transforming the Response to Domestic Abuse

A recent Government consultation set out the Governments approach to dealing with domestic abuse and sought to address it at every stage from prevention through to rehabilitation.

The main aim of the consultation was to prevent domestic abuse by challenging the acceptability of abuse and addressing the underlying attitudes and norms that perpetuate it.

This consultation asked questions under four main themes with the central aim of prevention running through each:

  1. Promote Awareness – to put domestic abuse at the top of everyone’s agenda, and raise public and professionals’ awareness
  2. Protect and Support – to enhance the safety of victims and the support that they receive
  3. Pursue and Deter – to provide an effective response to perpetrators from initial agency response through to conviction and management of offenders, including rehabilitation
  4. Improve Performance – to drive consistency and better performance in the response to domestic abuse across all local areas, agencies and sectors

Download a full version here

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