New! £2.7m Fund to Reduce Parental Conflict

New Fund to Reduce Parental Conflict Challenge Fund

There are two strands that will provide grant funding to innovative projects, to gather learning on what works to reduce parental conflict.

  1. A Digital Support for Families Strand: £1.6 million is available to provide grant funding to innovative projects that will test what works digitally to support and maintain engagement with disadvantaged families to reduce parental conflict.
  2. A Support for Disadvantaged Families Strand: A further £1.1 million is available to test what works to support disadvantaged families that are at greater risk of parental conflict, where there is limited existing evidence.

If interested you can carry out an online self assessment eligibililty check before deciding if you wish to submit your initiative idea for an eligibility check. This will enable you to identify quickly whether your application is likely to meet the Challenge Fund criteria.

Eligibility check: tell them about your idea (basic information). Initiative ideas that clearly do not meet the Fund criteria will not be allowed to proceed past this stage.  The deadline for this is 8 February.

Organisations that have completed an eligibility check and have been invited to apply to the Fund will be able to access the online application portal between 21 January and 15 February.

The key objective of the Challenge Fund is to build a broader evidence base of what works in reducing parental conflict. Evidence will inform future policy and practice and help local areas support a greater number of disadvantaged families at risk of parental conflict.

Eligible applicants could include local authorities; digital organisations; organisations from the public and private sector; voluntary and community organisations; and social enterprises.