Funded Cycle Groups for Croydon's BAME Communities

We all know that cycling is becoming the new lifestyle/fashion. Everybody seems to be interested in this, the question is why? The answer is very simple, it is:

  • Excellent for both physical and mental health
  • Excellent for the environment
  • Quick and cheap method of transport
  • Safe
  • Most importantly, it makes the individual happy!

Croydon Council understand that community leaders feel responsible for the health and wellbeing of their members. With this in mind they would like to discuss and offer a workable solution.

They are pleased to announce that fully funded cycling sessions are available as is extra funding, to set up and support cycling legacy programs for your Croydon based community or group.

They can fund and provide:

  • Weekly group training sessions, based on beginners and intermediate participants
  • Individual Training Sessions
  • Train members of your community to lead and instruct cycling activities to create a legacy for your group

They are looking forward to engaging with community groups, so please contact Craig Hollins at, or call him on 07958 273731.