ESF Community Grants in South London

LLCs strategy is to fund projects across the South London Region that focus on initiatives and schemes that impact directly on the lives of disadvantaged Londoners and the communities in which they live.  They have been awarded the contract to make ESF Community grants available in London South. 

One key area of their work will be the development of progression opportunities which will enable project participants to move onto further training and employment where appropriate. They will prioritise partners who have already identified strong background of partnership working and aligning alternative funding sources to provide the best possible opportunities for participants.

Grants should benefit at least one of the following service users: 

  • Participants over 50 years of age
  • Participants with disabilities
  • Participants from an ethnic minorityParticipants who are Women
  • Parents/mothers
  • Carers
  • Groups with low labour market participation
  • Migrants and refugees,
  • Homeless Ex-offenders

Activites should include at least one of hthe following:

  • Outreach and engagement activities
  • Motivational activities
  • Skills and training support
  • Information, Advice and Guidance
  • Support to remove barriers to labour market participation or engagement in learning
  • Support to address poor basic digital skills
  • Signposting and referral to specialist advice and support services
  • Employability support
  • Volunteering and Work placements
  • Action research
  • Job Brokerage

The deadline for Expression of Interest is 12 April 2019.  Find out more