New! 2 Fraud Warnings

The first is a variant on the changes to supplier details fraud and is a ‘changes to payroll information’ fraud.  Fraudsters are using social media to identify your employer.  They email the employer from a spoof or similar email address pretending to be the employee and ask the employer to update their bank account details. 

The second is a warning not to abbreviate the year 2020.  This year’s abbrevition is easily changeable and could be used against you.  The concern is that scammers could easily manipulate a document dated “1/1/20” into “1/1/2000” or even 1/1/2021”.  If you agreed to make payments beginning on 15/1/20 a fraudster could easily amend this to claim that your obligation began 15/1/2019.

source sayervincent feb'20

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