Croydon’s Emergency Duty Team Cover and Key Information for Christmas

Key Information for Christmas

Croydon’s Emergency Duty Team Cover and Key Information for Christmas

EDT are covering the following days over Christmas because the Council is closed for business:

Saturday 23rd December

Sunday 24th December

Monday 25th December

Tuesday 26th December

Wednesday 27th December

Saturday 30th December

Sunday 31st December

Monday 1st January 2024

EDT are on duty during these times to cover all emergencies that arise out of hours. EDT covers:

  • Children’s social care
  • Adult social care
  • Emergency housing

EDT is resourced to cover new social care needs which require an out of hours response, out of hours.

Please be aware, there is only one EDT social worker on shift at any one time.

How external partners can access EDT

  • External callers contact EDT via 0208 726 6400.
  • Press 5 for Children’s Services and listen to the message until you hear ‘If your call is an emergency, please wait and your call will be transferred’.
  • Calls into this number are not answered by the EDT social worker. The calls go through to a CCTV operator who will take details of the call and pass this on via a CRM message to the EDT email inbox, which is then responded to by the EDT social worker on shift.
  • Please be aware, there is only one CCTV operator on shift at any one point and CCTV receives calls from several other council out of hours services. During busy periods, you may need to be prepared to wait or seek to call back.

EDT is NOT an emergency response service. Callers should contact 999 to seek assistance from an appropriate emergency service (e.g., Police, Ambulance etc) where needed.

In exceptional circumstances external agencies can contact EDT directly via:

For external partners, they need to ensure they include the following in any emails:

·        Full details of the person you are concerned about

·        Their contact details

·        A clear, concise summary of why you need contact out of hours and it cannot wait until the next working day

·        Describe what you want the EDT to do

·        Your contact details 

The social worker on duty will read your request and deal as soon as possible.

External callers should only use this email if you have made several, sustained attempts to contact via the number above but have been unsuccessful.


Throughout the Christmas period, there is only one social worker on duty at any one time. EDT social worker shift times will be: 

  • Friday 5pm to Saturday 9am
  • Weekend and B/H daytime – 9am – 9pm
  • Weekend and B/H evening – 9pm – next day 9am

This pattern will be in place for the duration of the Christmas period.

The EDT social worker is supported by the EDT Team Manager (on some shifts) and by an on-call Service Manager and Head of Service where needed (e.g. decisions about whether a child needs to be become Looked After).