Floating Counselling Support

No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF officially from July 1st 2020)
Free food parcels, toiletries, rent and counselling support for Africans and Black people in the community. This is only for individuals with no access to public funds and they will need to be referred by a charity (like a church or a professional that can vouch they are in need before we pay their rent) in the community as we are not taking a lot of personal information, in order not to scare them away from accessing support.
Also offering 'Floating Food Parcel Support' to the general public (all ethnicity, however, still a priority to the Africans and Black community) across South and East London (Lambeth and Southwark borough) as well as Croydon
Bensham Kitchen Manor is still operating on Friday's in Croydon, every evening for all to book - Call Kingsley to book by Thursday
Download a flyer here
And finally, Floating Counselling is still offering free emotional support and counselling via text and email 24 hours a day. As well as parental monthly training. Priority is to Woodside ward students and residents 
Registration for all our Covid Support can be found on: https://www.floatingcounselling.co.uk/covid19