The Loss Project: Supporting Communities through Grief

The Loss Project’s mission is to generate a community response to loss which challenges the stigma and taboo, cuts through the barriers of having difficult conversations and subjects that can often remain unspoken, whilst providing opportunities for people to connect through their experiences and build capacity to be able to support each other. They have been busy creating our covid-19 response and have a range of creative and support activities that we’ll be releasing in the coming weeks.

They would particularly like to highlight Stitch In Time.  This project encourages people to remember a person they know who has died during this pandemic period (regardless of if the death was Covid-19 related or not), by stitching, sewing, drawing or painting their full name onto a square of fabric. They will also be inviting people to write an accompanying page about that person, including text and images, and putting on our website until we arrive at a time where we can all hold public events. 

Download a flyer here.

They also have a simple guide to setting up mutual aid groups- it’s a free resource, available for all to download: