RASASC support by phone and email during Corona Virus outbreak

Following recent developments, the organisation has asked staff to work from home, using their emails and mobiles to keep in touch with clients and contacts and to continue with administrative work. Counselling will be over the phone instead of face to face and their Advocacy Service will be supporting clients via email and telephone. All work with clients from home will be in a space that is strictly confidentiality and all records will be kept safely and securely. Staff working hours will continue to be from Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm. There will be no change to their response to you but they will not be attending any external meetings.

The main email address is info@rasasc.org.uk and will be fully operational and responding to emails. For urgent enquiries please contact 07818 425 648 or leave a message on our main office line which will be checked periodically on 0208 683 3311.


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