Local Services from Roundabout

Roundabout has launched a new FREE PHONE CONSULTATION SERVICE for teachers/school staff working with children in school settings, or parents/carers at home looking after children, to talk through how to support the emotional well-being of children using creative techniques, via a one-off phone consultation.

This service will be available throughout July, September and October. 

For further details please see the website:

In addition, their COVID-19 Update pages provide information for people of all ages, families and some of the specific client groups they work with.

This may help those who are:
•       Very anxious
•       Worried about going back to school
•       Feeling lonely
•       Worried about the future
•       Struggling with lockdown
•       Feeling their emotions are all over the place
•       Generally finding this time difficult.

There are activities and resources created by Roundabout dramatherapists alongside links to useful online materials. With an 
emphasis on creativity, these pages cover therapy and well-being, stories, activities and learning as well as general health information.

Again for more details please visit their website here: