Looking for volunteers to help provide scrubs for Croydon GPs.

  • Can you sew? If so would you be willing to sew some sets of scrubs? 

  • Do you have any fabric? Looking for Poly Cotton fabric of a reasonable density, that can be washed at 60’C. Rolls of fabric would be most welcome, it takes about 4m to make one set of scrubs. But if you’ve had a spring clean and have some spare fabric or even a good quality double duvet cover that could be used.   

  • Do you have a large supply of strong polyester thread? They need it for sewing the scrubs. 

  • Do you have access to an A1 printer or larger? They have a free, printable pattern and would welcome some copies. 

  • Do you have a location that could be used? Looking for a venue for people to collect the fabric and to drop off the completed scrubs. Ideally somewhere North, South and Central Croydon. 

  • Do you have access to a machine that cuts quantities of fabric? Some areas have someone that has been able to cut the fabric pieces, and this has saved a lot of time. 

  • If you have anything else that you can offer please contact - see details below. 


You can join via Facebook       https://www.facebook.com/groups/230123334776239/  

Or you can email Anna on       annaedmc@gmail.com 

Or Alison Lawton, who works with the GP Practices on Alison.Lawton6@nhs.net 

Background about For the Love of Scrubs 

Was formed by Ashleigh Linsdell after identifying a shortage in scrubs for frontline NHS staff during the 2020 Covid19 Pandemic. The Facebook group is a platform to enable those who are able to, and would like to contribute towards supplying frontline NHS workers local to themselves. 

Here is a short article on BBC news: 

 "Lincolnshire A&E nurse Ashleigh Linsdell started the 'For the Love of Scrubs' campaign last week after noticing a "dire need" for the medical uniforms during the coronavirus outbreak. Almost 20,000 volunteers have responded to the call and are producing the outfits at home or in small workshops."