Urgent Search for New Kitchen & Caterer

Over the last six weeks the Selsdon Food Hub project has worked in partnership with the catering team at Croydon High School and the local Fire Brigade service to produce and deliver nearly 1,000 meals to elderly, vulnerable and isolated residents living in the Selsdon area.

With some Croydon High pupils returning to school on June 1st the Schools catering facilities will no longer be available. The Selsdon Food Hub project is asking if there are any other kitchen facilities or catering staff available to, do their bit for the community and provide approximately 160 meals a week.

Cllr. Andy Stranack who manages the neighbourhood care group Selsdon Contact and helps coordinate the food hub said:-

“We are so grateful to the catering team at Croydon High School for their amazing work over the last six weeks. The Food Hub project has paid for the cost of the food but the catering team have put hundreds of hours in to prepare the food. We are very fortunate to have crews from our local fire station who are still willing to deliver the food to residents in need every Friday, we just need some qualified catering staff and some suitable space to continue to prepare the food."

If you think you can help in any way please contact Andy Stranack at Andy@Selsdoncontact.org.uk or telephone the office number on 0208 651 4944. The public have been generous with donations to our project so we can buy supermarket ready meals for next week but this is not a sustainable solution in the long term.”

The Selsdon food project started on the first day of lockdown and has so far helped between 300-400 people living in the local area with the following services.

  • Over 400 emergency shopping bags to clients
  • 960 weekly chilled ‘ready meals’ to clients
  • Over 3,000 weekly befriending calls made to clients