Building a better Croydon for Everyone

The Croydon Opportunity and Fairness Commission has published its interim report, “Building a better Croydon for Everyone” setting out the Commission's initial findings. One theme which runs through the report is how volunteering and participation in the community can be maximised to help tackle the issues the borough faces and develop people's capacities and skills.

Over the next few weeks the Commission is developing the ideas put forward in the report and ways to implement them. The ultimate goal is to get committments at the end of the process, which finishes early next year.

The Commission is very keen to hear the thoughts of all those involved.. Please do contact the Commission with your thoughts on the recommendations.  

Call 0800 612 2182, email, or tweet @OppCroydon.

Do also come along to the CVSA meeting at CVA's Resource Centre on 17 November 2015 to hear Councillor Hamida Ali, Vice-chair of the Commission, present the interim report.