Survey of young People by the North East Local Community Partnership

Young people and their families having their say to influence locality planning

This survey is to ask young people and their families what they think as part of North East Local Community Partnership's (NELCP) desire to ensure that young people and their families are influencing our locality planning, The North East Local Community Partnership work with organisations that support young people, it is important that young people and their families know that they have been asked

The survey has been seen by young people and invested organisations and changed with feedback.

The survey is part of the Northeast Local Community Partnerships which covers the areas of Crystal Palace South, Thornton Heath & South Norwood. 

Magdalene Adenaike, CEO of Music Relief and Nicole Godetz,  Director of Noo Thinking, are the Co-chairs of the Croydon Northeast Local Community Partnership, part of the Healthy Communities Together, spearheaded by the One Croydon initiative. Find out more here.

As well as wanting to hear the voices of young people and their families, the team want them to shape solutions and know that they are shaping solutions, not just being asked for their voices. 

The North East Local Community Partnership understand that not all your young people and their families are from the Northeast of the borough or even from Croydon, but having a strong collective family and youth voice is powerful to execute the much-needed change to the area.  

Take the survey here. The survey will close on 18 July.