Apply at any Time Funding

National Lottery Community Fund  After being paused due to the coronavirus crisis, the National Lottery Awards for All, Reaching Communities, and Partnerships funding programmes are open for applications again.

National Lottery Heritage  Phase 1 - applications for grants from £3,000-£10,000 and £10,000-£100,000. This will provide some much-needed financial assistance, particularly to those heritage sector organisations who have, so far, been unable to access COVID-19 emergency funds. NLHF will be looking for projects with a particular emphasis on organisational resilience and inclusion.

New! National Lottery Community Fund:  Bringing People Together  This is funding from the UK Portfolio, which explores new approaches, experiments with how to do things differently, and looks to fund work that is more future focused.  The fund can support projects that will build stronger connections across communities, and improve the infrastructure and conditions that are needed to strengthen these connections. All projects musts deliver across two countries in the UK - England, Scotland, N. Ireland, and Wales.

Funding for Sport Activities

Sport England  Coronavirus has hit the sport and physical activity particularly hard and Sport England has modified their funding streams to help people return safely to play.  Funds currently open are: 
Return to Play - grants from £300 - £10,000 deadline 23.12.21
Return to Play Active Together - a crowdfunding initiative with match funding up to £10,000.
Together Fund - works with Active Partnerships to connect funding to local community organisations.
Got a Great Idea? - if you need help but none of their open funds seem applicable talk to them.
There is also a Fund Chooser Tool on their webpage you can use to help them point you to the right fund.

Jordan Sinnott Foundation has been launched in memory of the young footballer who tragically died. To support small grassroots clubs, that are registered charities, CASCs or other non-profits, through grants of up to £5,000 to pay for equipment, transport and kit to help engage vulnerable or disadvantaged people with sport. Children and young adults facing barriers, including young carers, can apply for individual grants up to £2,000 to help them participate in sport. 

 London Marathon Charitable Trust The Trust provides capital grants to a range of organisations, including local authorities, charities, community and voluntary sector organisations, sports clubs, parish and town councils, educational establishments and housing associations, across London. The funding is for building or facilities projects that inspire increased participation in physical activity, sport and play. The Trust is currently focusing its funding on engaging and supporting individuals and groups who do not currently participate in physical activity.  You can apply to their Small Capital Projects for grants between £5,000-£20,000 or their Major Capital Projects for grants between £20,000-£150,000.

Wooden Spoon Funds educational or disability sports-focused projects with a key rugby element engaging children and young people. Grants may be used for: kit; equipment; salaries; and admin costs.

General Funding

Launching Spring 2022: Green Heat Network Fund  public, private and third sector organisations in England will be invited to apply for capital funding to help new and existing heat networks move to low and zero carbon technologies.  The scheme will open in April 2022 and is anticipated to run until 2025.

Architectural Heritage Fund social investment is available to not for profit organisations for projects that will deliver social and economic benefits to local communities through the reuse of historic buildings.  Launching end of June 2019

Arts Council England  are you a fan of live music???? Funding is available to grassroots music venues and promoters to present live music programming, and for activities that put them in a better position to deliver their work in the long term.

Artemis Foundation grants of between £1,000 and £10,000 for registered charities operating primarily in four key areas: health, education, poverty and the environment. Although they make one-off donations, they also build successful partnerships to which they give multi-year grants and will consider unrestricted funding.  Trustees meet at the end of each month to make decisions.

Be One Per Cent Grants accepting applications for grants of £6,500 from registered charities to create effective funding partnerships and support different areas of poverty alleviation across the developing world.

Bernard Sunley grants given to registered charities for capital projects, priority to fabrics of buildings.

Big Ask is a community of funders that exists to reduce social inequality.  They are particularly interested in supporting projects involving young people leaving care or prison and those who need further education or training.  Grants awarded every six months.

Black Heritage Fund focus is on grassroots organisations and projects, but they are eager to hear from anyone who thinks Black Heritage Fund could help them support the Black community.

Clothworkers Foundation.....funding capital projects such as buildings, equipments, and vehicles Their Open Grants programme is open to applications.....take a look at their nine programme areas.......

City Bridge Trust  Connecting the Capital transition funding programme can provide interim funding up to £50,000 for registered organisations for up to two years to help make stronger communities. Strands currently open are: Infrastructure Capacity Building and Representation; Increasing the quality and scale of giving; Place based giving schemes; Eco audits; Access improvements to community buildings; Capital funding for access improvements to community buildings.

City Bridge Trust  Positive Transmissions funding programme can also provide interim funding up to £50,000 for registered organisations for up to two years to help people living in London who are experiencing inequality and disadvantages to make important changes in their lives. Strands currently open are: Support for refugees, asylum seekers and migrants; Support and services for deaf and disabled people; tackling abuse exploitation and hatred.

Classical Association schools can apply for up to £2,500 to fund a range of projects, workshops and events. This scheme funds the studies of classical topics in schools, such as talks or events, workshops, theatrical performances, Greek and Roman study days and transport and entrance fees to attend events. 

Denise Coates Foundation  large grants for large properties are available from the above foundation, previously known as bet365 foundation. Categories are: Health and Wellbeing; Education and Training; Medical Research and Development; Disaster Recovery and Emergency Relief; Community Development; Arts and Culture.

Dulverton Trust offers core funding (usually those who have previously received a grant) to registered charities working in youth opportunities, general welfare, conservation, preservation, Africa (Kenya and Uganda), and peace and humanitarian support. For general welfare, a particular interest in family relationships, young offenders and homeless, and older people living independently, carers and developing tolerance and understanding between faiths and communities and the promotion of social cohesion. Average grant is between £25,000-£35,000.

Garfield Weston Accepting Applications again grants for registered charities to support a wide range of projects in the areas of welfare, youth, community, arts, faith, environment, education, health, and museums and heritage.  After closing its capital funding streams last year to focus on revenue grants during the Covid-19 crisis, Garfield Weston Foundation is now open to applications across all its grants programmes: capital, core costs and projects.  Regular grants of up to £100,000 can be used for capital, revenue, or project costs that fits the criteria.

Get Up Rise Up Action Fund the above fund is in a six month trial period making resources available to local groups that often find themselves underfunded or under-resourced and who are planning creative direct actions as part of an ongoing campaign.  Priority will be given to African groups during the trial period but will not necessarily be limited to that.  Applications will be looked at each month.

Grants for Good applications can be made on behalf of a local community group, charity, voluntary group or social enterprise that has a positive impact on communities, people or the environment. Five projects are shortlisted each round and then voted for by John Good Group employees with the more votes a cause receives, the bigger the donation. The project that receives the most votes will receive a grant of  £3,500, second place £2,500, third place £2,000 and fourth and fifth place will both receive £1,000.
Apply all year round, funds awarded every three months - April, July, October, and January 2022.

Henry Smith  their grants programme is now open after a review.  As their application process takes six months they would like those applying to detail how their services can be delivered once government restrictions have been lifted.  Funding to involve people, particularly disadvantaged, more in communities and to help those communities be stronger, active, more engaged. 

LLoyds Bank Foundation this year the Foundation will be open all year rather than through funding rounds so charities can appy when they are ready. They have £9.5m to distribute to small and local charities across the year.  Charities can apply for two-year unrestricted grants of £50,000 to help people overcome complex social issues such as:  Addiction and Dependency; Asylum Seekers and Refugees; Care Givers; Domestic Abuse; Homeless and Vulnerably Housed; Learning Disabilities; Mental Health; Offending, Prison or Community Service; Sexual Abuse and Exploitation; Trafficking and Modern Slavery; Young Parents. 

Masonic Charitable Foundation has changed their way of giving grants - a simpler application process and no deadlines.  Offering small grants (£1,000 - £5,000) and large grants (£10,000 - £60,000) under both their Children and Young People and their Later Life categories.

Pistonhead Lager: Pistonhead Foundation Supporting emerging musicians, artists, and independent venues in various ways including:  offering free rehearsal and creative spaces to those who need it; providing the deposit for a tour bus; replacing stolen instruments for a band; leasing exhibition space; being a drinks sponsor at an artists first show.

Thomas Wall Trust offering grants of up to £1,000 to individuals and registered charities for the encouragement and assistance of educational work and social service.  Applications are looked at in July and November.

Trusthouse Charitable Foundation their small grants funds will give running and capital costs to small, well-established organisations addressing local issues in areas of extreme urban deprivation. 

Funding for Disability Activities

Positive Bones
Grants to empower those limb difference for specialist equipment, services or prosthetics that will enable you to live life limitlessly.  The application grant limit is £5,000 but more may be considered.

Edward Gostling Foundation
Small fast track (up to £5,000) and larger (£5,000+) grants available for charities whose work enhances the quality of life for people in need, particularly those on a low income who have a physical and/or mental disability or long-term illness.  Projects must meet one of four themes:  health and well being; independent living at home; respite transition.

Boshier-Hinton Foundation
Grants to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities or learning difficulties and their families.
(See also Barchester Foundation under Older People Funding Section)

Family Fund Trust
If you’re raising a disabled or seriously ill child, you might be eligible for a grant from Family Fund.
Family Action:  Offering grants to families in need who are referred by a suitable agency such as: statutory agency; charities providing health and social care; housing associations; GPs; Probation.  Two types of grants are offered.
Welfare -  e.g. for a family in crisis to stop it spiralling and threatening the stability of the family.
Education - e.g. for young people over the age of 14, looking to unlock their educational potential by participating in further education.

Peter Harrison Foundation
Grants available to support sporting activity or projects which provide opportunities for people who are disabled or otherwise disadvantaged to fulfil their potential and to develop other personal and life skills. Grants will often be “one off” grants for capital projects, however they will also consider revenue funding for a new project or if funding is key to the continuing success or survival of an established project.