National Lottery Partnership Funding

The partnerships fund offers grants of over £10,000 over 5 years to organisations which work together with a shared set of goals and values. Grants can cover project activities, operating costs, organisational development and capital costs. There is no deadline.

General Funding

Henry Smith 
Their grants programme is now open after a review.  Their new strategy is funding for groups aiming to work with people for whom other sources of support have failed been inappropriate or are simply not available. There are several programmes.

£10m Future Parks Accelerator
Grants for up to eight local authorities and communities to develop and implement bold and innovative funding and management solutions for all their green spaces. Grants should lead to parks and green spaces being better used, managed, and funded to serve community needs and future aspirations.

New! £7m Architectural Heritage Fund
Social investment is available to not for profit organisations for projects that will deliver social and economic benefits to local communities through the reuse of historic buildings.  Launching end of June 2019.

Bernard Sunley
Grants given to registered charities for capital projects, priority to fabrics of buildings.

Denise Coates Foundation 
Large grants for large properties are available from the above foundation, previously known as bet365 foundation. Categories are: Health and Wellbeing; Education and Training; Medical Research and Development; Disaster Recovery and Emergency Relief; Community Development; Arts and Culture.

Lloyds Bank Foundation Enable Programme
Grants for organisations who have identified clear development needs. Criteria: Offending; Children Leaving Care; People moving from Community Based or Institutional Care for Mental Ill Health; Unemployment; Homelessness: Independent Living for those with a Learning Disability; Dependency - Drugs/Gambling/Alcohol; Domestic Violence; Trafficking Sexual Exploitation; Refugee/Asylum Seekers when settling in the UK; Parenthood for Young Parents; Carers; Older People losing Independence.

Trusthouse Charitable Foundation
Their small grants funds will give running and capital costs to small, well-established organisations addressing local issues in areas of extreme urban deprivation. 

Pistonhead Lager: Pistonhead Foundation
Supporting emerging musicians, artists, and independent venues in various ways including:  offering free rehearsal and creative spaces to those who need it; providing the deposit for a tour bus; replacing stolen instruments for a band; leasing exhibition space; being a drinks sponsor at an artists first show.

Sport Funding

London Marathon Charitable Trust
The Trust provides capital grants to a range of organisations, including local authorities, charities, community and voluntary sector organisations, sports clubs, parish and town councils, educational establishments and housing associations, across London. The funding is for building or facilities projects that inspire increased participation in physical activity, sport and play. The Trust is currently focusing its funding on engaging and supporting individuals and groups who do not currently participate in physical activity.  You can apply to their Small Capital Projects for grants between £5,000-£20,000 or their Major Capital Projects for grants between £20,000-£150,000.

Playing Fields Legacy Fund 
Grants are available to not-for-profit voluntary groups, organisations and clubs that run or manage community playing fields so their pitches and facilities can be revived and well used and thus result in more people taking part in outdoor sport.


Sport England
Small grants from £300 and £10,000 are available to not for profit organisations to help more people play sport.

Sport England Community Asset Fund
Improving and protecting existing sporting facilities that support the needs of local communities

Wooden Spoon
Funds educational or disability sports-focused projects with a key rugby element engaging children and young people. Grants may be used for: kit; equipment; salaries; and admin costs.

Funding for those with Disabilities

Edward Gostling Foundation
Small fast track (up to £5,000) and larger (£5,000+) grants available for charities whose work enhances the quality of life for people in need, particularly those on a low income who have a physical and/or mental disability or long-term illness.  Projects must meet one of four themes:  health and well being; independent living at home; respite transition.

Boshier-Hinton Foundation
Grants to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities or learning difficulties and their families.

(See also Barchester Foundation under Older People Funding Section)

Funding for Families

Family Fund Trust
If you’re raising a disabled or seriously ill child, you might be eligible for a grant from Family Fund.
Family Action:  Offering grants to families in need who are referred by a suitable agency such as: statutory agency; charities providing health and social care; housing associations; GPs; Probation.  Two types of grants are offered.
Welfare -  e.g. for a family in crisis to stop it spiralling and threatening the stability of the family.
Education - e.g. for young people over the age of 14, looking to unlock their educational potential by participating in further education.

Older People Funding 

Barchester Healthcare Foundation
Projects for work that combats loneliness and engages older or disabled people 65+. Small community groups and small local groups helping adults aged over 18 with mental and physical disabilities, and older people aged over 65 can apply for a grant of between £100 - £5,000

Get ready for Investment

The Reach Fund offers charities and social enterprises can apply for a grant between £5,000 and £15,000 to implement an investment readiness plan to grow their organisation.  
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Community Shares Booster Programme
The above programme helps disadvantaged and under-represented communities develop successful community businesses.  Community shares can save local shops and pubs, finance renewable energy schemes, transform community facilities, support local food growing, fund new football clubs.  As well as community shares you can apply for a development grant up to £10,000 to help get investment ready and meet standards of good practice.