Annual Accounts

Smaller Charities

Non company charities with gross income of £250,000 or less can prepare receipts and payments accounts.  When fully completed these meet the requirements of the alw and can be used for submission to the Chartiy Commission.  Find out more

Find out how to prepare the correct annual accounts for your charity's structure and income here

If you're exempt because you are not regulated by the Charity Commission click here

Annual Report

Guidance on what to include in your trustees report.  Find out more

Trustees Annual Report Template

The trustee's annual report template (SORP 2005) is designed for smaller charities that do not need to have their accounts audited.  Find out more 


Find Charity Accounts a bit of a mystery?

Sayer Vincent have produced How trustees can get to grips with charity accounts to help trustees make sense of their charity's accounts. All trustees, regardless of experience, have equal responsibility for financial governance.