LawWorks Not-For-Profits Programme

The above programme provides free legal advice and support to small not-for profit organisations who give valuable support to communities across England and Wales.

They also have a Honorary Counsel Service which matches groups with a solicitor as a pro-bono in-house lawyer for up to 2 years. Click on link belwo to access.

How it works:
Where a not-for-profit organisation needs help with a one-off legal issue, LawWorks matches the organisation with a volunteer lawyer from its network of member law firms and in-house legal teams who can advise on that matter.

Examples of discrete matters volunteers can help with include:

  • · Drafting a contract,
  • · Reviewing a lease,
  • · Updating a constitution/articles, and
  • · Clarifying rights in a commercial dispute. 

Volunteers can advise on property, commercial/contract, tax, IP, insurance, insolvency, data protection, defamation, and company law.

How to apply:

More information about the free legal assistance service is available here 

Free videos covering legal issues:
Organisations can also watch a collection of online videos about common legal issues faced by not-for-profits. These short and practical videos are free to watch on the LawWorks website and cover areas such as charity issues, property law, employment law, and lots more. You can watch the videos here

If you have any questions about these services, please do not hesitate to get in contact with LawWorks by emailing  You can also download a leaflet from below.

Law Works Leaflet