The Charity Commission has a wide range of guidance documents which inform trustees of their duties and provide the background on how and why charity finances need to be managed in a particular way: Running a Charity

KnowHow NonProfit's website has a whole section dedicated to financial management including links to other sources of information: Financial Management

NCVO has an extensive list of financial management resources including some downloadable templates: Financial Management NCVO

Guidance if you need help writing an Investment Policy for your Charity Writing an Investment Policy 

Sayer Vincent Made Simple Guides

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The above guides have been updated in line of the recent announcements of HMRC.

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Next steps for Gift Aid - small donations, intermediaries

Progress on Reforming Small Gift Aid Scheme
The Small Charitable Donations Bill, announced in the Queen’s Speech earlier this year, has now been laid before Parliament. NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations) have written an article summarising the reforms agreed so far:

  • Scrapped: The ‘two year’ rule A charity no longer has to exist for at least two years before claiming – new charities can now use the scheme to help them fundraise.
  • Removed: The ‘two-in-four’ rule (the history requirement) A charity no longer has to make a valid Gift Aid claim in two of the previous four years – charities that infrequently make Gift Aid claims can now access the scheme more readily.
  • Included: Contactless payments Contactless donations will be eligible for Gift Aid claims under the scheme. It’s early days for this technology, but this gives charities the flexibility to claim as the use of contactless grows.

The NCVO article however also points out that the matching requirement is seriously in need of change.

Minor update to GASDS spreadsheets
HM Revenue and Customs has updated spreadsheets used for Gift Aid Small Donation Scheme claims, the GASDS community buildings schedule in both Excel format and LibreOffice. They contain additional information, highlighted in red, on how to complete the schedules.Use schedule spreadsheets to claim back tax through Gift Aid, Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS) or other income using Charities Online. Download here