Volunteers Support

Supporting your volunteers 

We have put together some documents that you may need to ensure that your volunteer feels supported while volunteering with your organisation. 


Induction Checklist

Use your induction checklist to ensure that all volunteers understand the purpose of their role, and how it relates to the purpose of the organisation, where the amenities are etc. Download here


Volunteer Agreement

Your volunteer agreement will clearly state what you will do as an organisation to support the volunteer and what the volunteer will abide by when volunteering with you. Download here


Volunteer Review

The Volunteer review template can be used to find out how the volunteer feels that they are getting on in their role, once complete this can be used to support a supervision and support session. Download here


Supervision Record Sheet

Use this template to discuss how volunteering is going and if there are any actions that need to be taken forward. Download here


Volunteer Expense Claim Form

Travel and lunch expenses can make all the difference to a volunteer so if your organisation is able to support a volunteer claim out of pocket expenses it is important that volunteers are aware of this and how they can claim them. Download here