Volunteering Good Practice Support

Volunteers are a fantastic resource and part of the Volunteer Centre Croydon’s role is to develop high-quality volunteering programmes across the borough. You will find resources that will enable your organisation to enhance your volunteering offer, however, if you do not see what you are looking for please get in touch with us.  


Volunteering FAQs for Organisations

We have put together some frequently asked questions which may provide you with the answer you are looking for. Please take a few minutes to read through the supplementary information here to understand better how volunteering works in Croydon.


We invite Volunteer Involving Organisations (VIO) to take part in:


Volunteer Co-ordinator’s/Managers Forums

The Volunteer Coordinator/Managers Forum is open and free to CVA member organisations. It is an informal group that allows volunteer managers and coordinators (paid or unpaid) to come together to share their knowledge and experience. Feedback from the group is used to inform community planning and group members can collaborate on joint projects such as the ‘Thank You’ event during volunteer’s week for local volunteers. Each meeting has a discussion topic and/or a guest speaker.

Examples of recent meeting topics include:

  • Managing difficult situations with volunteers
  • Volunteering in health and social care
  • NHS: volunteering and COVID-19

Meetings are normally held on a quarterly basis.

The next Volunteer Managers Forum and other CVA training and events can be found here 


Volunteer Management Training

CVA training events are designed to cover the essentials of management to develop your knowledge, confidence and strengthen your community programmes. Check the CVA calendar for our current offer.


One to One support meetings

Meet with Karen or Mary, to discuss your volunteer programme. We will help find practical solutions to problems, plan for the future involvement of volunteers and ensure you are making the most of the Volunteer Centre Croydon’s services. 

Great for organisations that wish to use our services for the first time. Email Karen Chillman or Mary Lawrence



Telephone and Email support

Queries and questions? Any of the staff team at the Volunteer Centre can offer support.

Call Volunteer Centre Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10 am until 4 pm on 0208 253 7070 or email Karen Chillman or Mary Lawrence


Volunteer Resource Bank

We have put together a range of documents to support your organisation that can be viewed here.