Volunteers are a fantastic resource. Part of the Volunteer Centre Croydon’s role is to develop high quality volunteering programmes across the borough. We invite Volunteer Involving Organisations (VIO) to take part in:


Volunteer Co-ordinator’s Forums

These are free events which enable those who recruit and support volunteers to come together to hear the latest local and national news and discuss volunteer management issues. Check the CVA calendar


Volunteer Management Training

Training events designed to cover the essentials of volunteer management to develop your confidence and strengthen your volunteer programme. Check the CVA calendar.


One to one support meetings

Meet with Hilary Bell, our Volunteering Good Practice Advisor to discuss your volunteer programme. She will help find practical solutions to problems, plan for the future involvement of volunteers and ensure you are making the most of the Volunteer Centre Croydon’s services.

Great for organisations that wish to use our services for the first time.

Email Hilary Bell.


Telephone and Email support

Queries and questions? Any of the staff team at the Volunteer Centre can offer support.

Call Hilary, Norica, Mary or Karen on 0208 253 7070 or email Hilary Bell.


Volunteer Management Blog


Volunteer management

  • Developing an Effective Team of Volunteers

    31-03-2020 15:35

    During yesterday’s Volunteer Co-ordinator’s Forum we focused on how to create an effective team of volunteers that have the confidence to work independently. We discussed how volunteers can support each other with practical questions eg. “what’s the correct extension number?” But only if they know each other and feel comfortable talking to each other! And … Continue reading "Developing an Effective Team of Volunteers"

  • The Importance of Connecting

    31-03-2020 15:35

    On the 19th March the Volunteer Centre Croydon held our first Volunteering Conference. There’s a lot to reflect on and we’re following up on conversations that were started on the day. The conference took place because we worked in partnership with other organisations to make it happen. Different people connected to share their knowledge and … Continue reading "The Importance of Connecting"

  • Recruiting More Volunteers

    31-03-2020 15:35

    We held a workshop to help answer most common question I’m asked “How can I recruit more volunteers?” The simple answer is: Make sure you let people know what help you need. So of course you have to start by making sure you do know what help you need – this includes days, times and … Continue reading "Recruiting More Volunteers"