Older Peoples' Network

OPeN is a collective voice of older people in Croydon. The Network aims to enable Croydon’s older people to come together to discuss issues that matter to them and to influence service planning and delivery. OPeN influences services by the lived experiences of older people themselves and acts as a platform to raise issues with policy makers and other agencies, campaign for positive change and improve local engagement.

New OPeN members are always welcome. Join if you live and / or work in Croydon, aged 50 and over, and are connected to a Croydon based community group or forum (formal or informal). If you join the Planning Group, you will represent the voice of older people in Croydon and influence key decisions around service delivery and care in the community, in partnership with other groups, as well as accessing emerging policies and decisions. In return you commit to attending regular meetings, training and activities in your representative area; bringing the collective voice of OPeN and its linked group to the table.

As a result of vigorous campaigning across the UK by organisations similar to OPeN, the Government has granted older people protection from discrimination as consumers with the Single Equality Act banning ageism in the provision of goods, facilities and services; followed hard on its heels by a rise in the Winter Fuel Payment to £50 for those over 65 and £100 for those over 80. This is why older people take part in OPeN.

OPeN began under CVA management, but is now run by an independent Management Committee.