Title Delivering the NHS Long Term Plan

Last year marked the 70th anniversary of our NHS – an opportunity to celebrate the nation's most valued institution and the unwavering commitment of NHS staff to delivering health and social care services that save lives, prevent illness and improves public health outcomes.

However, the milestone celebration cannot outshine the necessity for reappraisal of the funding and services provided by the NHS to ensure sustainability over the next seven decades.

This conference will feature keynotes and panel discussions from a roster of distinguished speakers on issues pertinent to ensuring the NHS is fit for the future, including; the viability of government investment pledges, showcasing innovative tech-driven health and social care initiatives and spotlighting service improvements to refine the quality of care offered by the NHS; leading to a re-allocation of valuable resources and capital.

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Date and Time 03/04/19 from 09:25 to 16:05
Location Mary Ward House Conference Centre, 5-7 Tavistock Place
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Cost From £170

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