Title Fundraising from and marketing to the Muslim community - a crash course

This course is presented by Ikhlaq Hussain and Kashif Shabir.

Muslims contribute £31 billion to Britain’s GDP and donate over £500 million to various causes in the UK. In fact, Muslim philanthropy is one of the fastest growing giving markets in the UK. Find out how your charity could learn more about Muslims' giving.

UK household brands have successfully targeted Muslim consumers for several years (e.g. through Ramadhan aisles, Halal butchers) and tapped into "the Muslim pound", the mainstream charity sector has been slower to engage actively.

This crash course on fundraising from the Muslim community aims to address the dynamics related to the Muslim giver, including an overview of the basic tenant of charity in Islam, the Muslim giving landscape in the UK, the media landscape used for reaching out to Muslim donors and the core essentials of Muslim philanthropic psychology.

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Date and Time 08/11/19 from 10:00 to 16:00
Location 6 Mitre Passage London
SE10 0ER
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Cost £153-£357

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