Title Moving Beyond a Trauma Informed Approach

Session 1 in this series.


• Understanding the wider context within which young people are experiencing distress and trauma 

• Offering a wider social justice lens to these experiences and therefore how services and practices address such lived experience

• To provide an overview of a TIA, its strengths and limitations in supporting young people and particularly those with intersectional identities

• How does the Healing Centred Engagement Model offer a social justice oriented understanding of working with traumatised young people

• The importance of applying an intersectional lens to working with young people

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Other Sessions:

7 December 2021 - Exploring Practised Strategies
11 January 2022 -   Trauma/Intersectionality
25 January 2022 -  Reflecting and centering our lived experiences as  workers and how this influences our work with young people

Date and Time 16/11/21 from 10:30 to 11:30
Location Online via Zoom
Cost Free

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