Be part of Croydon Community Lottery

To support groups increase their income during these difficult times, Croydon Voluntary Action has teamed up with Gatherwell to launch the very first Croydon Community Lottery.

It really is easy to register your not-for-profit group/charity/voluntary organisation and start selling tickets to the public! This is a great opportunity for:

  • Residents to but tickets for a local lottery that benefits Croydon groups and have the opportunity to win prizes every week! Prizes for players will range from £25,000 (6 matched numbers) to £25 (4 matched numbers), with the the odds of winning the jackpot approximately 1,000,000 to 1 and the odds of winning any prize 50 to 1. All this while contributing to their local good cause.
  • Voluntary sector organisations as it represents a valuable source of generation that is really accessible:
    • Any constituted community group with a bank account in the name of the organisation can be part of the lottery.
    • It is really easy to create your personalised page.
    • Tickets sale is online and managed by Gatherwell at no cost to your project so all you have to do is publicise it!
    • 60% of the sale of the ticket goes to your cause

Curious? Have a look at the Basingstoke Community Lottery to see how it will look like. Contact if interested.