Healthwatch Croydon's final report on Dementia Pathway Experiences in Croydon

Informing the Croydon Dementia Strategy, in collaboration with the Alzheimer's Society

Healthwatch Croydon presents the final report on Dementia Pathway Experiences in Croydon, informing the Croydon Dementia Strategy through insightful surveys with patients, carers and friends/family, in collaboration with the Alzheimer's Society.

Issues raised in the report include, diagnosis time, post diagnosis support, support and care needs, advance care planning, information services for both patients and carers, understanding needs and preferences, as well as suggested improvements, concerns about going into care home and hospitals and what contributes to making Croydon dementia friendly.

Recommendations include, better communication and information, improving the time for diagnosis, care planning and reassessments, increased carers support, understanding needs and preferences, and better awareness. These have informed the Croydon Dementia Strategy due to be published later this year.

You can view the report here>>  and the press release here.